Targeted messages is the right message to the right recipient at the right time. A target audience or group selected because of their interest. Targeting is very important for an e-mail marketer because targeted and relevant e-mail campaigns, yield a higher response and result in fewer unsubscribes.

A message, or part of a message, designed to arouse curiosity and interest, but without revealing too much detail in itself. You can use appropriate teaser copy in the subject line to encourage prospects or customers to read the email.

Thank-you or acknowledgement page:
Web page that appears after user has submitted an order or a form online. May be a receipt.

Collecting and evaluating the statistics from which one can measure the effectiveness of an e-mail or an e-mail campaign.

Transactional email:
A creative format where the recipient can enter a transaction in the body of the email itself without clicking to a web page first. Transactions may be answering a survey, or purchasing something.

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