Pass Along:
An email recipient who got your message via forwarding from a subscriber. Viral marketing place a forward this message link in the message. Most pass-alongs occur when the message is of particular interest to that target group, the mark of a successfull viral campaign.

Permission Marketing:
When all messages sent to recipients have opt-in agreement from the recipients. The permission marketing method is legitimate and also most profitable email marketing strategy.

Building email messages such that the recipient feels it was written specifically for him. Personalization is about including as much personal and specific information in the design and drafting of the message.

Plain text:
Text in an email message that includes no formatting code. See HTML.

Post Office Protocol (POP):
A rotocol used by email clients to retrieve e-mail from a mail server. Most email clients use the POP protocol, although some can use the newer IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol).

Person responsible for a the mail servers. The person with which ISP's get help with delivery or register complaints.

Mail client options a user can set to for receiving messages. How they want to receive addresses, to which email address message should go and which messages they want to receive from you. The more preferences you offer a user, the more credible your mailing request.

Preview pane:
The window in an email client that allows the user to scan message content without actually clicking on the message. Substantially changes the open rate.

Privacy in the e-mail marketing world implies that a recipient's information, specially his e-mail address, is not shared and they will not receive e-mail they did not request.

Privacy policy:
A clear description of a company's policy on the use of information collected from and about website visitors and what they do, and do not do, with the data. Your privacy policy builds trust especially among those who opt-in to receive e-mail from you or those who register on your site. A strong privacy policy and credibility in adhering to it is a pre-requesite for any success in email marketing.


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