Mail bomb:
An orchestrated attempt to shut down an email server by sending more messages than it can handle in a short period of time. See DOS.

Mailing List:
A mailing list is a list to be sent specific mailings to.

Mail loop:
When automated responses or forward on mail servers result in an endless sequence of emails.

Mail Merge Personalisation:
Feature of the better email marketing tools that allows each email to each subscriber to be personalised based on information for that subscriber. When each email is sent out, a call to the database retrieves information like the actual first name of that subscriber and pastes it into the email. Important feature of the software for permission marketing and CRM.

A code to make an email address in either a text or HTML email immediately clickable. Clicking on the link opens the user's email client and inserts the email address in the "To".

Mail Transfer Agent (MTA):
A computer that forwards email from senders to recipients (or to relay sites) and stores incoming email.

Mail service provider (MSP):
Web based email service such as Hotmail, Gmail (google).

Multi-part mime:
Message format which includes both an HTML and a text-only version in the same message. Most email clients have full html facility. Clients may opt not to display html in order to avoid viruses.

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