Landing page:
Web page displayed to the user when he clicks on a link within an email. Also may be called a microsite, splash page, bounce page, or click page.

The list of email addresses to which you send your message. Can be either your house list or a vendor list that sends your message on your behalf.

List Broker:
A list broker is a reseller of assorted lists or list data.

List hygiene:
Maintaining a list free of hard bounces and unsubscribed names such that the open rate for the mailings are high.

List owner:
The organization or individual who has gathered a list of email addresses. Ownership does not necessarily imply opt-in or permission from the recipients.

List rental:
Where a list owner sends messages to his list on behalf of advertisers. Necessarily requires the list owner to send the emails, for the recipients and routing companies to allow the mailing through.

List sale:
The actual purchase of a mailing list along with the rights to mail it directly. Permission from the email recipients may not however be transferred with the sale unless the list owner has pre-agreed so with the recipients. Permission from the recipients can be quickly lost if the list is abused or its permission terms not respected. Close to a spamming practice.


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