A series of messages designed items and planned within a strategy marketing.Una Email Recipient List delivered. A campaign allows each new mail is delivered on the previous permit. The progressive nature and relationship of the sequence is the basis of permission marketing.

Call to Action:
Part of the text message that requests the ability to perform an action.

A U.S. law of January 1, 2004 to fine spammers up to $ 6 million. Is defined as legitimate vendors must create your ads via email in order not to be considered spam. The message header must have a true line and a valid return address. The message must clearly state that it is an advertisement and a simple way to opt out (cancel future ads from this source). If the user chooses, the advertiser should stop sending to that address after 10 days.  

Acronym for Common Gateway Interface. It is a protocol application interface for web based applications. Used to transfer information to and from web servers, such as subscription forms and contact information.

Challenge-response system  
An anti-spam program that requires a human being at the end of the sender to respond to a challenge message sent by email before their messages can be delivered to recipients. Senders who answer the problem correctly added to an authorization list. Designation of an employee to watch box shipping address and answer to every problem manually.

Click-through & click-through tracking:
A click-through occurs when a recipient clicks on a link URL in an email. Click through tracking refers to data collected about each click through the link, as the number of people who click, number of clicks that resulted in a conversion or subscription.

Click-through rate
The percentage of recipients who click on a given URL in an e-mail campaign. The click rate is the number of clicks in relation to opposition and opened the emails sent.

An acknowledgment of receipt of the request for a user.

Confirmed opt-in:
A confirmed opt-in is a two-step process for a user to register on a list. At first you have to sign and receive an e-mail to confirm your subscription to the mailing list.

Conversion rate:
Percentage of receptors that respond to the call to action in a campaign of particular e-mail marketing. Is the ultimate measure of a successful email campaign. The conversion may be sales, sales opportunities, quotes or specific event information users.

Agreement that the companies collect registration information from users (e-mail subscription, the procurement process of payment, etc.) include a separate box for users to check if they also would like to add to a specific list of others.

Cost per Acquisition (CPA):
Cost per share also. A form of advertising based on a transaction instead of impressions or clicks. It is widely used in affiliate marketing. The CPA is the rating given for the campaign. Sometimes referred to as variable-rate campaigns. CPA may be proportional to the value of customer purchase.

Cost per Click (CPC) :
A form of advertising where payment is by user click-through. The payment is independent of the action of the visitor or the click-through turns or not.

Cost per Thousand (CPM) :
Used for online advertising where the payment is for banner printing.

An email and graphics features.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customer Relationship Management or the ability to track every interaction with every prospect. Customers make monitoring of trends and tabulates the results of such notes on a global scale. In essence, an intelligent interface that allows you to keep notes of every action, sale, phone call, email, fax, etc. lets companies better understand their customers and target messages to its customers and prospects.

CRM is an integrated system designed to identify, acquire and retain customers. CRM helps organizations maximize the value of each customer interaction by managing and coordinating customer interactions across multiple channels and services.

Click Fraud :
Cheating advertisers by clicking on links with no intention to convert, but to generate revenue for web sites serving ads.

Clickthrough Rate:
Clickthrough URL in the e-mail links divided by the number of emails opened. Often it is a discrepancy between clicks as the server and e-mail. Click-through in the email text in the PC are more fragile than clicks on browser pages displayed. unique click-through refers to rule out multiple clicks from the same user.

Cross-post (Cross-post):
Sending the same message to two or more mailing lists.

Comma Separated Value or File (CSV):
A specific data format in which fields are separated by commas.


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