A / B Split:
Also known as Test of postage. This is a test method to send a list divided into two parts. The test, in order to be effective, must reach an audience of sufficient size to have a reasonable chance of detecting a significant difference between the two shipments.

Above the fold:
Part of a Web page or email that is visible without scrolling. The information in this area is considered more valuable because the reader sees first. Refers to a printing term for the upper half of a newspaper above the main headline.

Affiliate Marketing:
A system or network affiliate program in which a Web site (the affiliate marketing) directs visitors to your site, sponsor affiliate and is paid a commission on purchases by visitors.

E-mail messages or newsletters that notify subscribers of an event, offer or special price.

Application Program Interface API :
A software interface that allows your application to access and interact with another application or web service. A customer may have a connection to the API to load the database to an e-mail provider and automatically receive data from the email.

Application Service Provider "ASP":
Company that offers a web-based service. Customers access the service through interconnection with a web server. No software is installed on their computers. The tasks are performed remotely with ASP servers.

An automated protocol that verifies the identity of a sender's e-mail or email.

Autoresponder :
Email response automatically, as a welcome message sent to all new subscribers when they join a list. Can be more than a single message - can be a series of emails to date or event-triggered.

Acceptable Use Policy AUP:
Nomas and a series of limits established by a service provider emal on how a client can use the service. Most AUP specifically prohibits the sending of spam.


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