Tips for designing an attractive subject

The design of a good subject is probably the most important factor for the success of an email marketing campaign. It will determinate the decision of the costumer to read or not the email contents and the detection of the email as spam. Being aware of this, GMK Press emphasizes the importance of taking time in developing a creative and eye-catching subject that leads to the success of the campaign.

The nine key elements to consider in designing a good subject are:

Brevity: The length of the subject has to allow this to be read out by different messaging systems. It is recommended that this does not exceed 30-40 characters.

Relevant information: The first words of the subject must be the most important. This will help to create an impact and quickly capture the reader's attention.

Conciseness: The message conveyed should not be too much informative or explanatory. A clear, direct and concise language facilitates the reading and understanding of the subject by the client.

Originality: A brief but original subject will be more effective and will more easily arouse the reader's curiosity. Synthesize the message in a striking slogan is one of the key elements of email marketing.

No sender: We have to avoid using the name of the company in the subject and dedicate the characters of the message to the relevant information we want to transmit.

Variety: It is important not to repeat the same subjects in different emails because we have the risk of losing the interest of the recipient. Even if the message is the same, it is important to design new subjects for each communication.

Special characters: The use of capital letters, exclamation marks, quotation marks, dashes ... is one of the main reasons why our mail can be classified as spam.

Customize: A customized subject with the recipient's name will have greater powers of persuasion on the user and increase the chances that he read email content. This is a technique increasingly used, so it will be necessary to give the message a plus of originality.

Spam Words: The words used for the construction of the message are important for the success of the campaign. In this sense, we must avoid a series of banned words if we don’t want the mail to be filtered as spam.

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