Email marketing standards

In the search for the standards of email marketing must take into account email readers and web-based software. So we've found solutions for the proper delivery and layout of the template.

Estandar Mail Standard e-mail: Accepting these simple rules of email standards will ensure success in e-mail exchange with other Internet users. These simple rules when creating your templates will be useful for optimizing your email marketing shipments.


Estandar HTML Standard code HTML e-mail: Create and send emails in simple HTML email templates. GMK Press offers a solid tool to edit your HTML templates to improve the design and shipment of their email marketing campaigns.


Lector Mail The e-mail readers: Here are the most popular readers and web-based software based. Keep in mind that readers are not based on a standard, so when designing a template or model we take into account the differences between readers.


Web-based readers:

Software-based readers:


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