Optimized to ensure return

In GMK Press we provide a number of important points to optimize and get better results in email marketing campaign.

First we note that the e-mail marketing works and gradually established itself as an essential tool in any online marketing campaign. It also provides interesting results at low cost, measurable and with the possibility of retaining the customers that have cost so much to achieve.

One of the most important in ensuring a good email marketing campaign is to define its objectives:

Having defined the objectives there are some resources to help you optimize the campaign for best results.

1. Choose a guarantee palataforma for e-mail marketing

Choose a reputable supplier to send your e-mail campaigns marketing ensures the difference in the platforms market emailing. GMK press ensures you receive your campaigns, you get advanced statistics and provides advice and technology.

2. Deliverability guarantee of success

Mail delivery within the email marketing is defined as the number of messages that actually reach their target in relation to total messages sent. Is increasingly an indispensable foundation for caacterística and the good relationship between the company and submission tool.   On the one hand, GMK Press must clearly ensure that technical solutions to increase reception, on the other hand, the company must improve its practice in email marketing to build a good reputation   and stimulate the interest of its own subscribers, not only through the contents of the mail, but also respecting users with a policy of acquiring clear contacts and the ability to unsubscribe easily.

3. Management of databases

The beginning of the future communication between a brand and its customer for a good email marketing strategy begins with an email address. It is not the number of contacts or emails on the basis that counts but the quality, ie, reaction and participation. Good maintenance of our database is one of the key elements of our reputation.  

4. Build a message for each user

To create and provide an interesting relationship between users and the message for the success of your email marketing campaign should ignore the barrage of impersonal emails, sending a single message to the entire database. To encourage a user is required to follow and relevant messages Matenga its interaction with the brand.

5. Test and learn

A focus of the e-mail marketing is the ease with which you can test and therefore to extract useful data to optimize campaigns and achieve better results. Check and test major strong point of the messages. Create two versions of the same campaign from time to time by changing a single element: the subject (the opening drive), text or content and placement of the indicators of call to action

6.The conversions and ROI

One of the main advantages of e-mail marketing is that your data is measurable. Furtado point platform integrationof email marketing and web analytics with the aim of following the entire route of the user from opening the mail until the user leaves the site. There will KPIs (performance indicators) that are not relevant but surely that an analysis of the conversion information will help us understand investment and optimizaciónno Futiro content area only messages but also the landing pages.

7. An integrated communication strategy to email marketing

Strategy and efficiency are two fundamental elemtos digital communication strategy for success. The use of some digital instruments along with the e-mail marketing (surveys, SMS, microsites, competitions and social media) will allow more opportunities to establish contact with their customers. Loyalty while strengthening its presence on the Web, increasing visibility and reaching a wider audience. Communication and the strategy must adapt to today's media, but consistently   Involving current and potential customers on a global strategy.


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