We offer different solutions for their recruitment needs

Each email marketing campaign we address is different and varies depending on the needs of each client. We offer different plans and services procurement.


Abierto 24h 7dias Open 24 hours 7days: For any email marketing strategy is essential to maintain the immediacy of service and tool 24 hours a day for every day of the year. Email marketing tool to send your campaigns at any time of day.


calculador de creditos Loan Calculator: Because each email marketing campaign objectives and responds to a number of shipments, GMK Press offers you the possibility to calculate and buy credits free to make their submissions according to their needs.


selecciona tu moneda  Instant savings: The mail submission tool saves on the cost of typesetting, printing or sending advertising. The cost of email marketing campaigns are reduced and allow the strategy to manage quickly and economically.


pago con tarjeta credito Payment by Credit Card: In GMK Press offer purchase guarantees by major credit cards, to provide the best service


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