Anti-Spam Policy

All steps are important in reducing the spam problem, because the laws are still inadequate. Our definition of spam goes beyond the laws in most countries and encompasses the true meaning of what we believe is the true permission email marketing.

Spam is any email you send to someone who has not given direct permission to contact him about any subject.

The permit is a confusing word to interpretation. To send email campaigns to any person, firm or person using GMK Press, clearly you must obtain permission from their supscriptores.

GMK Press is not permitted under any circumstances the use of its application or its services to send spam (SPAM) or does not meet current standards. In the event that our team found that some of our customers use our platform to send mass junk mail (SPAM), GMK press has the ability to cancel the contract immediately use.

GMK Press provides a variety of technical and formal procedures to prevent through its platform shipments are carried out unwanted e-mail:

  • Our customers must pass a technical validation (a validation process of registration via e-mail) and formal (telephone validation) before having GMK Press.
  • GMK Press added to all email clients that issue a system which, in all cases, the person receiving the e-mails can unsubscribe automatically and free.
  • Our customers must make a technical validation of email accounts that email senders will be used as individual items in these accounts must be valid and in possession and control of our customers.

GMK Press under its discretion may determine when one of their customers are incurring spam practices. Some of these factors are: complaints received in our account to report spam abuse reports, blacklisting, complaints received by our hosting providers, statistical analysis of mass mailings made by our customers.


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