Convince users to subscribe to your newsletter is a first step, but the most important point is that no low-den.

77% of Internet users is withdrawn from the newsletter of a company sending commercial offerings too often, making it the leading cause of deregistration according to the survey. 73% of the casualties of Internet users occurs if the offers they receive do not match their expectations and 57% for repetitive messages. The message is clear: it is better to work properly and communicate their business deals in moderation.

Some companies do not hesitate to use aggressive methods to enrich its databases. According to the survey, 30% of Internet users have already been discharged from the newsletters that were paid in error. Beyond the negative impact on brand image, this shows that it is futile to expect a group of Internet remains registered subscriber. Finally, 29% of the newsletters written off because a company is disappointed after a purchase, a sign that corporate communication begins with an excellent customer service.

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