Above all a responsible company with their email marketing campaigns must know which are the two main reasons why your emails can be classified as SPAM:

There are some concrete and practical tips to prevent your emails being classified as SPAM will help optimize the reception and conversion ratio of their email marketing campaigns:

To prevent our emails being classified as SPAM by a Bayesian filter is important to know how they work: When an ISP receives an email and someone manually determine that this is a case of spam, we observe the relative frequency of each words of the message, it calculates its likelihood and Bayesian filter is updated with this information. Also does the same thing with email marketing messages that are received and are considered as not spam.

When we have trained our Bayesian filter with many words associated with the practice of non-spam and spam, we ask that automatically calculates the probability that each e-mail is received whether or not spam based on words containing, for example, "viagra" or "free", "enlarge." This calculates the probability that the message is spam. This figure is called "spamicidad" and when it exceeds a threshold (eg 90%) can be safely classified as spam.

Once trained, a Bayesian filter offers very few false positives, because unlike other filters, attacks the essence of the problem of spam: the message content. Remember that the Bayesian method is multilingual and international, a Bayesian spam filter, being adaptive, can be used with any language.

Therefore, to avoid Bayesian filters in your email marketing campaign should pay particular attention to content and wording of your e-mails:

In addition, the most advanced solutions in anti-spam filter engine include a second generation Bayesian, which is not only a simple analysis of text, but also a wide screen form and attributes of attachments.

It is always helpful to know who to contact when there is a problem, but remember that to maintain a good relationship is important to spend considerable time and resources.

Shipping and indiscriminate mass e-mailings to people who have not requested, but you will increase your sales. On the contrary damaged the image of your company and eventually end up causing serious problems.


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