Any company can start from today in the world of email marketing. Big and small companies make the leap to the implementation of this strategy within their own framework of communication.

To facilitate this small leap into the business, then you leave a few tips to improve your email marketing campaigns. First, what is email marketing?

Email marketing is the set of actions aimed at focusing the company-customer communication in the way of email.

Email marketing is not just sending emails, but it is composed of a series of actions which together shape the concept: design a campaign, the email layout properly segment the target audience, tracking statistical results and Above all, apply all the information we are getting to better know our target audience and to increasingly improve the quality of communication.

Many companies are hesitant to make the leap from traditional marketing to online marketing in mind the high costs that will need.

Far from this idea, GMK Press and email marketing are a low cost alternative available to all types of businesses.


  • Always practice "Permission Marketing." Send your communications (newsletters, campaigns) to those you have provided your email on a voluntary basis and are interested in your business. If you send emails indiscriminately emails or shopping lists, your brand will soon see harmed by this practice and your posts often enter the spam folder: you'll be sending spam.
  • Care for the subject of your email: Do not exceed 30-40 characters, do not use capital letters or currency symbols (€, $) or repeated exclamation marks. These practices generate descofianza in the recipient and spam filters are usually interpreted as "suspicious."
  • Care for the content, your audience expects to receive information that is helpful and easily understandable. Escape from the ambiguous content.
  • Choose carefully the time of shipment, a shipment, for example, promote office supplies, do not have the same impact if it is sent on a Monday at 8 am that if you send a Thursday at 6 pm.


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