According to a recent survey among marketing professionals, nearly three-quarters of respondents (72%) agreed that email is no doubt the channel and the most important tool to initiate and create personalized customer experiences, surpassing other themselves as media and web sites (56%), social media (53%) or direct (59%).

In this regard it is noteworthy that 9% of respondents said not to use any of the channels mentioned to develop a personalized experience with the customer. While those who can not or have access to all channels for this purpose, recognize their importance.

When asked specifically about the use of electronic mail, a large percentage of respondents (42.9%) stated target your audience and send different messages based on this segmentation. However, only 25.7% said e-mail address really customized to individual preferences.

Some of the most significant findings of the report, highlight the feelings of a large majority of respondents who believe that to use digital channels as a marketing tool, the effectiveness of brand communication could be at risk those cases where it is detected a lack of commitment and personal attention to customers. This implies and explains the true importance of knowing and direct messages to jointly develop a segmented and personalized communication.

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