To strengthen the conduct and unity of purchase, the e-mail marketing can provide much information about the process of decision-making prospect.To retain customers, e-mail provides content that improves the customer experience, product use, the units repurchased and encourages customers to share their experience.

This year, the companies again to increase spending on email marketing in an effort to attract, recruit and retain customers. The difference between companies that are successful or not specifically defined in the understanding of the customer.

In GMK Press have learned that the relevance of content and timing are the two most important factors in driving the response. The key to personalize email content to subscribers' needs is the data. When customer data are put into action, can help determine what type of information or offering to deliver to an individual client and the time of delivery, dramatically improving the performance of e-mail.

Companies that really understand their customers have the ability to use that information to make smart decisions about the information to provide a perspective. Combined with the current technology of interactive marketing can provide that information with perfect timing.

Try these 10 tips to improve the performance of your email marketing campaign:

  • The website design should involve visitors.
  • Use a good position Rogan (SEO) to attract potential subscribers to your website. 
  • Implement direct response text (SMS) in the event to make it easy for customers to opt-in email program. 
  • Send an e-mail of each new subscriber welcome and thank you for subscribing. 
  • Create a subscriber "reference center" where customers can provide personal information and interests. 
  • Develop e-mail programs that offer information and offers invitations to "serve" the customer. 
  • Use email to provide information to assist decision-making process of the client. 
  • Use email to improve your experience using the product. 
  • Leverage social media in email marketing. 
  • Automated email communications by integrating the technology of e-mail to CRM systems and electronic commerce.
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