While the brands are focused on increasing its final sales figures, there is also a strong tendency to evaluate emails are not delivered, due to the inherent risk of loss behind subscription to the saturation of users to this type of communication risk that could eventually lead to the loss of subscription.

According to research by ExactTarget and CoTweet during the month of February, 9 out of 10 e-mail subscribers have been low due to the excessive rate of arrival or the information lacking in innovation, originality and value.

A common problem for which the segmentation seems to be a great solution since it achieved - in pursuit of consumers, sending messages linked to the real needs and interests of users, which would undoubtedly increase the likelihood that the user does not just open the mail but to transform it into an outright purchase.

According to a study emails that aim to increase loyalty, are a powerful loyalty tool, when they deliver valuable and useful information to subscribers.

The figures speak for themselves, and email marketing campaigns based well segmented and based on loyalty, provide better results than generic campaigns, up to 40% more clicks.

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