To the surprise of many the email marketing has become obsolete, according to the most recent communication strategy is positioned as the second preferred channel for marketing departments.

Recent studies report that 60% of companies plan to increase their investment in email marketing to which allocated at least 10% of its total budget.

While 83% of the respondents felt that email is considered a fundamental tool in their online marketing strategies.

What is really surprising is that 54% of companies surveyed in the study said that social networks are seen as a key channel marketing essential.

The report highlights other relevant data and the opinion of 37% of respondents believe that the marketing strategies based email marketing have lower costs than other channels.

For best results of a mail marketing campaign, we recommend a regular monitoring and reporting and performance metrics.

It also recommends sending personalized messages or the ability to include unique offers or promotions that bring high value to customers own the brand.

If deemed spammer, can be reported and the company in this category, which will automatically make all your mails from falling directly into the recycle bin.

The use of newsletters (newsletters), is a good way to get e-mails, gain the confidence of the client or prospect and that this confidence will translate into sales.

Seek to increase its list of mail, takes every opportunity to get e-mails from people interested in receiving your offers or news.

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