The users of handheld devices are converting into the principal target of email marketing campaigns. The high penetration of smartphones, iPhones, and tablets in Spain triggered the creation of emails on these devices, increasing the percentage in 2012 from 12.18% to 25.76% (according to 2º Barómetro Splio de Aperturas de Email Marketing en Móvil).

Estimates from Splio indicate that this is a growing trend and calculate that by the end of 2013 this percentage could reach 50%, threatening to unseat the PC as a platform for reading emails. For this reason, companies using email as a method of communication and promotion of their products are focusing their strategies on adapting the design to suit the distinct characteristics of different handheld devices.

According to the study by the German association Eco, only a quarter of companies using email marketing campaigns send mailings adapted to mobile phones. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to differentiate a business from the competition, especially for retail companies, leading the number of email openings with 32.13% of the total.

With respect to operating systems, Android and IOS have surpassed the iPhone for the first time with 98.03% of openings in Spain, a factor to take in to account when designing and optimizing any mailing campaign.

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