Recent studies on the search engines and their conversion, have shown that many companies are still neglecting their landing pages or landing pages. " For search marketing, the problem is not restricted only to small businesses working sporadically in online advertising, it translates to the important marketing strategies for search engines by betting big companies, like other " specialists "in online marketing still often forget the importance of the target page in the conversion process.

In this post we offer three tips for your landing page to look differently and also to improve conversion, from the standpoint of the user experience.

1.A landing page is more than just a web page

Many vendors see a landing page as a simple common website with some extras. In most cases a continuation of reference link message, regardless of the channel. Definitely some search marketing campaigns, these landing pages will not be realized and firms often refer to the homepage. Instead of seeing the canals, links and pages, we seek the conversion as a string of experiences that lead to more experiences and actions. So, think about your landing page based on the user experience and conversion. Create a path of conversion is much more than the creation of one or more pages and a consistent experience and determined, with several key scenes.

2. Offer relevant options

A conversion is rarely direct. And often a target page is not enough, you have to offer options to people who need other conversion routes and roads to reach their goal. Again, the experience, the path of conversion and customer-oriented thinking is essential. Naturally, it's not good to offer too many options. The call to action as a user experience should still be easy. Therefore, offer a wide range of possibilities without stifling the client: no conversion is necessary roads with high bounce rate. Too many choices can distract users from the main objective. Instead of putting everything on one page, it is best to keep things simple which is expected to offer some simple options: again, remind the user experience.

3.What is simple and clear

Everyone knows the rule that the simpler easier. A person who ends up in a landing page should not have to think too much. Clicking on a link after all is a decision that takes place in a very short time and people do not spend time thinking before you click on a link. In short, the promise is in the reference link, but the click that happens is a boost for a split second, the landing page is even more important. The simplicity and clarity are essential. For as you click a text ad or email is produced in a split second, people stop landing pages with the same speed. Simplicity, relevance and clarity choice offer better conversion.

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