GMK Unlimited runs a workshop at the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid on the benefits of email marketing and the steps to follow to create an effective communication campaign via email.

Chamber of Commerce of MadridXavier Castellnou, GMK Unlimited commercial director, gave the last November 29 and December 14 the workshop'Optimize your commercial campaigns with email marketing'in the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid. With fifty attendees per session, Castellnou highlighted email marketing as a key element of online marketing, low cost communication strategy and loyalty technique. Based on this approach, described various techniques, strategies and tools to improve performance mailing campaigns.


Specifically, the workshop focused on creating striking subjects, frequency and schedule delivery of campaigns, effective template design, analysis of the open rate, bounce and unsubscriptions and campaigns evaluation. Moreover, Castellnou wanted to take his presentation to make a reflection about the coexistence of email marketing strategies and social media, concluding that both are fully compatible and even complementary.

It isn't the first time GMK Unlimited organizes events in the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid, but never before to share the experience of working with GMK Press, its own email marketing software.

Email Marketing Optimization WorkshopEmail Marketing Optimization Presentation

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