Facebook has tried to emphasize that this is not a total destruction of electronic mail systems like Gmail or Hotmail.

The application is presented as a delivery system appropriate e-mail which they are attached through SMS, chat and instant messaging to create an integrated communication center. Provides an archive of the entire conversation, regardless of the channel.

It is clear that there is a mobile application to handle this application and Facebook also help users to filter messages that may be of little importance to them.

Is this the future?
No wonder that email in its original form remain in the center of this market. As a protocol, email is hard to beat, though many, like Google Wave, have tried. Is, the AM open, software and hardware, and remains the main method of digital communication used by thousands of millions every day. This is another nail in the coffin of those who have been preaching that social protection is the death of email.

Is there anyway to highlight the courage and intelligence of Facebook, trying to mingle with other email services, while maintaining its original shape.

Ultimately, the story underlines the idea that e-mail or email, in all its forms and services is not only a force of universal communication around social applications, but can also become inseparable from them.

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