Email marketing has become the main tool for the promotion of SMEs. This is indicated by a recent study by Edge Research, which ensure that these companies spend about 15% of their marketing budget in mailing campaigns.

The study says that the investment of SMEs in email marketing goes even ahead of the other usual techniques of attracting customers, such as fairs and events (14% of the budget), personal contact (13%), TV (5%), radio (4%) or outdoor advertising (3%).

And investment is even greater as smaller is the firm. Thus, companies with revenues below 5 million dolars may invest up to 18% of their marketing budget on strategies via email.

Also, the results show that it is a growing trend, as 56% of respondents said they planned to increase the use of this tool in their online marketing strategies.

Edge Research indicates as causes of this phenomenon the low cost of the design and implementation of such campaigns and the increasing rate of opening emails on mobile devices, which reached 41% in late 2012.

In conclusion, and according to the study, email marketing is, next to social media, one of the best resources of SMEs to compete with large companies and increase their sales.

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