Online marketing departments who have been able to adapt and create appropriate strategies to adapt to new ways in which consumers communicate with companies, have a competitive advantage against other companies.

Present the trends that the email marketing for the coming year:

Complementarity with social networks: Facebook is now inching towards 600 million Twitter users in the millions. The trade in "social networking" is the next step without doubt.

Smartphones: The advantages of this type of mobile phone is expected to overtake computers in 2011, in 2012 notebooks and desktops in 2015. Mobile phones should not be considered as platforms and channels.

Social Inbox: users evolve into a multichannel input tray and that's where you start the fight for the attention of the user.

Geolocation-based marketing: Facebook Places, Foursquare, Gowalla ... are just some of the geo-based services that will eventually merging with companies specializing in local and Groupon deals since the geolocation will be the hit of the next few years.

All these trends are reflected in the email marketing as users become more selective and choose different channels depending on the type of message, the email function within the marketing mix will be defined more clearly what will be better communication and create content more creative in addition to internally get the recognition and the email marketing budget deserves.

Email marketing departments have to keep in mind the users of social media and mobile phones, a large group to get them interested, but without side-to existing customers that will need to retain focus and hook.

Finally, email marketing will become a platform with more dynamic content including product reviews, recommendations and technologies used custom APIs that enable the development of more personalized message with content relevant to each recipient.

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