Through customer case, GMK Press tool facilitates the proper management of customer data, coupled with more efficient platform management market Marketing Email campaigns, allows for a high value relationship with the client, built on the personalized emails to your needs.

For Email Marketing campaign is realiice properly, the first condition is to send the mail to those who actually want to receive, and which we have obtained your email address legally, or at least ethical. For this reason in the current scenario is equally or more important than acquiring new customers is to keep those with sustained response reward quality of our product or service.

The five major benefits of Email Marketing:

Find and acquire new clients: While the visitor does not buy anything, if at least get your email address will be another opportunity to contact him.

Building customer loyalty: If you provide a quality information service to customers through the newsletter and the tool is used to report on offers and promotional strategies, customer may return. Keeping customers is cheaper than finding new ones.

Brand presence and credibility: A well-designed email and integrating the image of the company provides the reader with a complete brand experience, which improves the perception and memory of it.

Efficiency and automation platforms that automate processes such as GMK Press help customize and further reduce cost campaigns and analyze the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns. Channel marketing is a fast and cost effective.

Customer Service: Email establishing an effective channel for receiving customer feedback, analysis of information may help to understand their needs and other shortcomings in the service of the company.

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