With the advertising intelligent platforms an advertiser can follow his client and persuade him to do shopping in his own webpage. Google Adwords calls this ReMarketing and Criteo Re-targeting. Using the cookies and client’s trail through Internet, the advertisers can follow the client and remind him what he is looking for and improve his conversion rates.

Retargeting is a tool with a great future because it shows a user that has been doing some actions in his website. The advertiser has complete control and the user feels useful when he gets something valuable. One of the most efficient way to get a conversion is trough custom emails that remind the client that he has a chance to buy in the website and, if there is a reward, it motivates them to buy.

For this reason, if you custom emails you can attract the client with our concrete offers based on his lasts visits. From GMK Press, we give you some advices and recommend you the main kind of emails that will help you in the conversion.

Welcome emails: This kind of email is the one that makes the higher answer rate. This one makes the beginning of a new relationship with the clients that feel happier when they know more about the company who works with them. The clients want to read a welcome message but they also want the possibility to rewrite it. For this reason, the welcome email is the most important thing of a Email Marketing campaign. There is the interest, the attention and the permission for communicate who is he, what he does and why he will get a benefit from that relationship.  If you send a gift to your contact list, they will feel rewarded.

Birthday emails: Depends on the database that the company has, a happy birthday wish will be sent to all the clients and also the possibility to include in that email the day they register in our website. A wish message will be sent via email to the client and there will be the possibility to send a gift too.

Emails with “Shopping Cart” option: If you want to do e-commerce, you have to tell this to your clients and make recording purchases of the things they bought. A lot of people buy things in a website and they wait for a few days to make that transaction complete. With a follow alert you can send an email to the client and with one click, he will be able to see his shopping cart that he started. You can also include a discount coupon to encourage the client to buy, follow all the clients that come back to your page and the shopping the clients do after they got the alert.  

Satisfaction surveys emails: This is a basic tool in a marketing area. These mails are used to reach the quality of the services that a business offers, to redefine them and design some new ones with the intention to focus to the right direction.  With this strategy, your clients will be able to give their opinion, they will feel valued and you will know if you are doing things correctly.

Cross-selling emails: Cross-selling consist on showing the buyer a series of articles that are related with an object that the buyer has bought before. This tool also works after the users buy and you can send an email with the products they could buy that are related with the product they bought. For example, if the first product that a user buys is a cell phone an email could be sent after with offers about phone cases or chargers for that phone.     

Rehearing emails: If a client is susceptible to buy a product as a perfume or hygienic products, you can send an email reminding them to buy that kind of products.

Back to stock emails: If a client wants a product that is not available but after a few days is sold again in our page, you can send and email reminding that client he can buy it.  

Reactivation emails: If you have an inactive client or a buyer that hasn’t bought anything for a long, you should send him and email encouraging him to buy again and offering some king of discount to reach the conversion easily.

Companies need to send emails to attract their clients but at the same time they shouldn’t abuse and they shouldn’t send messages that make clients not coming back. It’s very important to make custom emails and talk to them in a personal tone.

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