Responsive design is very important in design and web development because it adapts websites to user devices. This still not happened in e-mail marketing actions. Statistics say that more than 50% of emails are opened in an optimal way for mobile devices; low numbers considering the last trends in iOS, tablets and other devices.

A lot of people use more smartphones and tablets everyday and they read their emails from these devices so the experience can be different depending on the message they are reading. A Bluehornet study says that 70% of users delete emails that they can’t see in their mobiles. For this reason, responsive design is very important in e-mail marketing because they help to the conversion and gives a better experience to the client.

However, CTR numbers in mobile actions are lower than those made it with computers maybe because the hard way to adapt those emails to mobile devices.

Nowadays not all marketing professionals use the adaptability in their email marketing campaign design because only 6 out of 10 do it. They know about the importance to design a mobile campaign but also the importance of doing a correct campaign with the classic email. In fact, trends show us that e-mail in mobile devices will have the same effect than the classic one.

In Splio words, opening rate in email marketing mobile devices was more than 37% at the beginning of 2013 and more than 50% at the end of 2013. If we look to the past, we can see that only 13% emails were opened in 2011 meanwhile 86% of users opened their emails with the classic system.

We can say that optimization and adaptability in emails for mobiles and other devices is more important everyday because they give a good navigation experience and visualization to the client.

From GMK Press we are aware about the importance of doing a good email marketing campaign and the influence of that in responsive design.

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