Alex Garcia, Marketing Manager

Vertisol International leader in the manufacture of fabrics and drapery stores, with presence in 25 countries relied on GMK Press as its platform for delivery of Email Marketing.

Kim Bosch, Vertisol

We met with Alex Garcia of Vertisol to know how they were using GMK Press and what their results for their email marketing campaigns. Vertisol is a company based on BTC trade relations, so we thought it would be a useful addition to our strategy, applications sending newsletters about our products. "What continues to impress me on GMK Press is the amount of new features that continue to add"


newsletter Vertisol, HC

newsletter Vertisol Offers Example Template Launch of the new collection of Vertisol HC

This template is designed to Vertisol, with a clean style and clear. The design is functional, with just enough photos to keep it interesting and text blocks for organizing information on the product launch. Along with the heads and owners large neutral blocks that provide the functional richness.

We emphasize especially the little touch with the image of 3D product catalog.

Going down to the end, the footer is nice to read with the progress and information on the new product. Even saved a place to remember the stamps that certify the quality of this product launch. Finally, an email that unites the elegance of the images with the content designed as an information source while creativity.




Vertisol Offer Template Example

Some of our designs often show the success of an email very simple and effective. First, use the text to bold, simple, direct and virtually without using images. The red background on white text and enhanced the message was clear and concise. The goal was clear: to boost the purchase of a product in stock, no more presence than a few offers and of course the call to action. "There are deals, buy now." A clear example of the use of images is often quite unnecessary to create an effective email design, light enough to evade spam filters and can be read on any electronic device.

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