Olga Sukhwani, NeoDiet content manager

NeoDiet is an international company dedicated to the trade of a wide range of weight loss products and tips. Since 2010 operates in Spain with neoDiet2h brand.

NeodietNeoDiet is an e-commerce dedicated to selling healthy slimming poducts, online advice and information and tips for loosing weight. It have a wide international experience and in 2010 arrived in Spain with neodiet2h brand.

To complement its online marketing strategy, SEO, adwords and advertising campaigns broadcast on TV, NeoDiet decided to increase the volume of potential customers by sending newsletters. GMK Press was the instrument chosen by the company to carry out email marketing campaigns, both for its easy of use and its customizable templates.

Through GMK Press, NeoDiet got wider dissemination of their offers, products and advice as well as complete their online communication strategy.

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