David Conde, Imakoo Cars

On our way towards the consolidation of our email marketing strategy we had to use other applications and although each had its strengths, GMK Press seemed to have achieved the perfect combination for what we wanted.

Imakoo Cars

Usability, reporting, and the price were probably the three best aspects when deciding on GMK Press.

newsletter imakoo cars

Template Example Imakoocars

This template was created to promote the car rental deals on vacation in any destination in the world and really was a success.

The design of several horizontal banners is fun and enjoyable, using a combination of bright colors and subtle illustrations and images relating to cars. Furthermore we present three core offerings in a relatively small space without it being messy.

The bright colors and call to action is simple, but make this template in a very nice email.

The great divide between the articles, without impeding flow from one to another and the graphic lines are well defined. In short, a good job.


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