Begoña Requeta, Director of Marketing Bancotel

Bancotel is a website that provides hotels in over 130 countries at the best price. The company is creating a new payment method: the checkbook for hotels to pay for their accommodation at a lower price.


Bancotel proposes a new way to pay your tourist accommodation in the world by collaborating with more than 15,000 travel agencies in 130 countries. Our company has over 20 years in the market and succeeded create the concept of Checkbook Hotels in Spain. Our customers buy a checkbook with a fixed price to pay for tourist accommodation at the best price. Our customer relationship is paramount so we needed to maintain constant contact with them via email.

GMK Press
allowed significantly improve contact between our company and customers through email marketing campaign with unique design. Through this campaign, Bancotel could save time and improve their relationship with customers by mail and not personalized spam.

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