Track your email marketing campaigns

Imagine being able to know instantly how many clients have opened, read and interacted with their messages. GMK Press provides a detailed level of analysis through online tracking that measures the effectiveness of their email marketing efforts.

The tool offers a full-service real-time reportings allowing you to accurately measure the effectiveness of each campaign you send. Through the graphics can measure their sales campaign using the proprietary parts of the open rates, click rates, bounces and downs. In this way you will get better statistics on your conversions and ROI.


Campaign Statistics Analytics Campaigns: Successful email marketing campaigns involves the analysis of statistical results of the campaigns executed. GMK Press offers reports on their shipments to track your conversions.  


Links clicked Report links click: Meet by the results of their reports the behavior and interests of its subscribers by analyzing the most popular links to see the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy.


Comparativa de Resultados Comparison of Results: You'll discover through the statistical tool of new trends and the behavior of its recipients through the comparative reports of clicks to one or more years at a time.  


Informe de Abandonos Dropout Report: By the report of retirements we cuatificar the number of rebounds and why, find out what were the errors and determine the effectiveness of our email marketing strategy.


Quejas Spam Reporting SPAM complaints: Integration with Yahoo, Hotmail and more, means that through the tool can report on the allegations or complaints of SPAM.


Informe de Entrega Delivery report: One of the most important aspects is to ensure the authentication, relationships with Internet service providers and ensure that your emails are delivered optimally.


Informe de Actividad Activity Report: Check and analyze the complete history of your email marketing campaigns to all recipients in a timeline that makes it easier to understand the real state of their campaigns and mailings.  


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