Create, Design and edit your templates in a few minutes

Working with custom templates, corporate image will be enhanced. Keeping the same line of design in all its communications, get a stronger identity, highlighting their competence through their email marketing campaigns.


importa plantillas Import Templates: With the help of GMK Press tool can import HTML templates directly to subsequently modify its discretion and objectives. A simple way to use their resources to modify or create different versions of the original model.


Editar plantillas Edit your templates: Once imported you can use the templates to edit and / or modify directly or in HTML to design your own template and messages. A very useful option for creating new versions and to generate new content and aesthetic.


Add pictures to your Templates: templates To succeed, GMK Press adds functionality to add photos to your templates easily and quickly. An effective way to create design templates, where visual messages are also part of the content.


crea tus plantillas Create your own Templates: Create emails with text and images in minutes. GMK Press provides an effective design tool for both expert users and beginners. A perfect tool for creating original and unique templates making the job easier for your email marketing strategy.


HTML Template Editor: GMK Press offers the possibility of using the tool for all those who feel more comfortable when working directly in HTML. Use this option and design your own templates to optimize their email marketing campaigns.


Validar plantilla en w3c W3C Validator: GMK Press offers the ability to validate your own templates without errors in the HTML code, so you'll know that your template designs come without problems as your recipients have designed.


catalogo de plantillas Catalog Templates: In GMK Press've created a gallery of templates to facilitate the task of designing their own. We offer various options ranging from free templates to service customization and template design.


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