Design your campaigns and manage your emails.

GMK Press is an effective solution for email marketing campaigns and strategies of contents:


Crear Campaña Create a campaign: In one simple step and from the GMK Press  tool you can create your campaign. Write a name for your campaign and the contents of the case to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign in terms of openness and deliverability.


Diseño de Plantilla Email Create or assign a template to the campaign:  Once drafted the matter and the name of your campaign, give a template that you previously imported or simply edit the content to determine the visual appearance of the template.


Importar o Asignar destinatarios Import or assign a group of recipients:  One of the key issues for their email marketing campaigns is the selection of a target group for shipping. Amount or assign a group of recipients to ensure the effectiveness of your campaign.


Programar envio de la campaña Set time of delivery: As a final step, the tool offers the posibildad schedule the exact time and date of shipment, providing work and reducing time to managing, creating and sending email marketing campaigns.


Analyze the objectives of your Email Marketing campaign:

  • Create Newsletters
  • Create products and services information
  • Make Press Release
  • Create Internal Bulletinss
  • Events Information

GMK Press, an ideal solution as:

  • A Information tool
  • A customer acquisition tool
  • A loyalty tool
  • A data collection tool
  • A promotional tool
  • A service tool


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